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Hello and welcome to the HDP-TTJ-500 Home page!  This area will provide you with a range of resources for getting rapidly up-to-speed with using your HDP-TTJ-500 and the accompanying Yocto Linux distribution.

If you have any comments or suggestions about this page, feel free to contact


If you have an interest in running an Embedded TransferJet bare metal application on this hardware platform please refer to IMX6 Bare Metal Embedded TransferJet Solution for more information.




HDP-TTJ-500 Troubleshooting

Customer support

Customers may request support with their HDP-TTJ-500 through our service desk portal.  To register for an account please contact

Before raising a new support issue be sure first to check our How-To articles and the troubleshooting guide.

Public bug tracker

A public JIRA bug tracker for HDP-TTJ-500 is here.  This provides information on known bugs and their latest status.


GIT repository hosting

Registered users can browse the projects at


Refer to the HDP-TTJ-500 JIRA roadmap for information on new feature and bug fixes releases on HDP-TTJ-500.



Space contributors



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