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The Icoteq GIT hosting server is located at and hosts necessary git repositories to allow developers using the HDP-TTJ-500 to build, understand and further develop applications on the target hardware.


Access Permissions

All public repositories do not require any Icoteq GIT account login.  The public repositories allows a BSP to be built with all hardware features supported with the exception of TransferJet functionality.

To build the BSP with TransferJet functionality enabled requires you to register for a Icoteq GIT account.  Registered Icoteq GIT users, who have purchased the hardware platform, will be granted pull access permissions to the private repositories listed below.

Summary of all repositories


RepositoryPermissionsURLIcoteq branchCommunity branchSummary
u-boot-imxPublic the board files for initialization of u-boot for HDP-TTJ-500 board.
icoteq-ttj500-yocto-bspPublic HDP-TTJ-500 BSP layers
tjet-obex-servicePrivate TransferJet Obex Service daemon application software source code (C).
tjet-tunnel-servicePrivate TransferJet IP Tunnel Service daemon application software source code (C).
pytjet-icoteqPrivate framework and API for Icoteq TransferJet Applications

Icoteq Precompiled TransferJet Drivers and SDK Libraries

IMPORTANT NOTE: This binary distribution is only compatible with Linux Kernel 3.10.17 and relies upon Icoteq patches to mmc driver for sdhci module on IMX6q.

meta-icoteq-hdpPublic HDP-TTJ-500 Top-Level layers
meta-fsl-bsp-releasePublic "dora" BSP release layers
meta-fsl-armPublic BSP layer for Freescale's ARM based platforms


OpenEmbedded/Yocto BSP layer for Freescale's ARM platforms
meta-fsl-demosPublic BSP layer for Freescale's ARM based platforms
fsl-community-bsp-basePublic's Community Yocto BSP
meta-fsl-arm-extraPublic BSP layer for Freescale's ARM based platforms
meta-browserPublic BSP layer for Web Browsers
pokyPublic Project Poky Build Tool and Metadata
meta-openembeddedPublic of OpenEmbedded layers



The HDP-TTJ-500 BSP is based upon the Yocto Project and uses the poky reference system.  Refer to for more information about poky.  The poky reference system uses the OpenEmbedded Core.

All other build dependencies are derived from Freescale's own community BSP layers with additional Icoteq components that provide a specific build image tailored for the HDP-TTJ-500 platform, including driver support for the Toshiba TransferJet SD module and an example demo application.



Items in orange are Yocto/OpenEmbedded repositories.
Items in blue are Freescale respositories.
Items in red are Icoteq repositories.


The default top-level package for HDP-TTJ-500 is called icoteq-image-tjet and is part of the meta-icoteq-hdp repository.  This recipe extends the fsl-image-x11 package with additional dependencies as follows:

  • python-setuptools
  • python-pycairo
  • python-pygtk[1]
  • python-evdev[1]
  • python-pytjet-icoteq[1]
  • tjet-obex-service[1]
  • toshiba-tjet-drivers[2]
  • toshiba-tjet-sdk[2]

1. Packages are defined in meta-icoteq-hdp
2. Packages are defined in meta-icoteq-tjet (binary distribution only).