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BSP version


This tool is available since BSP V2.0.2




The performance benchmark tool is built into the IP tunnel service application, which uses the CNL API directly and can not coexist with the existing Obex service, which uses the Toshiba reference stack and PCLC. It is therefore necessary to kill the Obex service beforehand. This can be achieved as follows:

  1. Edit /etc/inittab and comment out the last line which spawns the script. Run sync to sync the file system.
  2. Reboot the board for the change to take effect.

You can restore the Obex service at any time by undoing the above change and rebooting.


CNL initiator performance test

Launch the initiator to send 1000 packets:

  1. ./
  2. tjetTunnelService i bench 1000

CNL responder performance test

Launch the responder:

  1. ./
  2. tjetTunnelService r bench


Loading TJ driver modules


The ./ command is needed in order to load the TJ driver modules. It only needs to be done once after the board has booted and not each time the benchmark application is run.

Expected output

The CNL link will be established automatically once the RF couplers are in range.  The application will generate the following messages during the test:


[INFO] [tjetTunnelService] Responder waiting for connection...
[INFO] [tjetTunnelService] event: CNLIO_EVT_CONNECT_IND
[INFO] [tjetTunnelService] event: CNLIO_EVT_ACCEPT_CNF
[INFO] [tjetTunnelService] Responder is connected
[INFO] [tjetTunnelService] Performance benchmark mode
[INFO] [tjetTunnelService] Responder receiving packets...
[INFO] [tjetTunnelService] RX Packets = 1000 @ 320 Mbps
[INFO] [tjetTunnelService] TX Packets = 0 @ 0 Mbps
[INFO] [tjetTunnelService] RX errors = 0
Application error or up...
cnl device close success



[INFO] [tjetTunnelService] Initiator connecting...
[INFO] [tjetTunnelService] event: CNLIO_EVT_ACCEPT_IND
[INFO] [tjetTunnelService] Initiator is connected
[INFO] [tjetTunnelService] Performance benchmark mode
[INFO] [tjetTunnelService] Initiator sending packets...
[INFO] [tjetTunnelService] RX Packets = 0 @ 0 Mbps
[INFO] [tjetTunnelService] TX Packets = 1000 @ 323 Mbps
[INFO] [tjetTunnelService] RX errors = 0
cnl device close success
Application error or up...



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